Calling Out Cortisol

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, my friends, your adrenal gland releases a hormone known as cortisol as a response. This is your primary “stress” hormone, and it plays a part in a lot of functions in your body, including blood sugar level control. Usually, this level is higher in your body in the morning, and it’s supposed to decease over the course of the day. But, I have to tell you something–it doesn’t decease as it’s supposed to in a lot of folks, and this is a problem!

High cortisol level symptoms

If you have too much cortisol in your body, it can lead to a lot of issues over time. One condition caused by too much cortisol is Cushing’s syndrome, which prompts muscle weakness, high blood pressure, irritable moods, rapid weight gain in the stomach or face and other negative symptoms. Having excess cortisol in your body can also lead to infections, fatigue, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and impaired brain function.

Lower your cortisol levels today

There are, fortunately, many different ways to naturally lower the level of this stress hormone in your body. While some methods are easier than others, it’s worth it for your health and general sense of well being to do whatever you can to decease your cortisol levels.

De-stress yourself

Reducing stress, while easier said than done, is the first thing you should do to lower your stress hormone levels. Remove yourself from stressful situations whenever you can, and learn to recognize what triggers your feelings of stress. Once you know what your triggers are, you can start looking for healthy ways to handle those situations.

Eat a balanced diet

A diet that is balanced and without a high level of sugar is best for keeping your cortisol levels stable. Foods believed to help stabilize cortisol levels include bananas, pears, dark chocolate, green or black tea, and probiotic-packed foods such as yogurt.

Work on your sleep

How much sleep you get can impact your cortisol levels. Poor sleep or a lack of sleep can increase the levels of cortisol in your body.

Get to exercising

Working out can boost your mood in general, and it also eases stress and usually deceases cortisol levels. Keep in mind that very intense exercise, however, can actually boost cortisol levels because your body has to cope with the added stress the exercise is putting on it.

Put down the coffee

If you’re experiencing signs of increased cortisol levels, it’s time to stop the caffeine consumption at night. This can interfere with how well you sleep, and you need to sleep well to keep those cortisol levels low.