Build That Muscle

Now, I’m not a bodybuilder, but if I was, everything I did would be geared toward what would give me the biggest, strongest muscles. I’d eat foods high in protein. I’d do weightlifting and other exercises that help increase my power. And I might consider taking supplements to give me an extra boost.

The world of supplements can be a murky one. There are lots of unscrupulous suppliers out there, especially on the internet. Not everything that claims to work is effective or even safe. For those supplements that are considered food rather than medicine, regulation generally isn’t as strict. You need to be careful, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid supplements completely.

Most supplements used in the sports world are those that build muscle, but some people also look for those that can suppress appetite to help control their diet. If you get expert advice from doctors and dieticians first and make sure you only use trusted brands, you should be able to find the supplements that will work best for you.

Bodybuilding supplements tend to be high in protein, the nutrient most associated with the growth of muscle. One of the most popular types of protein supplement is whey. You can drink a protein shake, swallow a protein capsule or take a bite out of a protein bar before, during or after a workout. Remember that you do still need to eat plenty of protein in your regular diet as well.

Proteins are made up of amino acids, and you may find individual amino acids like glutamine, arginine, or branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in some sports supplements. Other chemicals that are popular include creatine, HMB and essential fatty acids. Between them, they may help make your exercise more effective by increasing muscle and reducing fat.

You can’t use supplements as a quick fix, but they can be handy when you have gaps in your training or diet or there’s a particular goal that you’re aiming to reach. You’ll need to be prepared for any improvements to your physique to take time, even with supplements to help them along.

As always, if you have other medical conditions or you’re in a vulnerable group, take care before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. Otherwise, just make sure you do your research properly.

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