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It seems that every week there’s a new announcement about some AI-driven longevity technology that’s going to revolutionize the industry. Whether all of them will be successful, let alone become widely available, is up for debate. However, with $5.8 million extra in funding secured, it looks like Biolytica is betting on its NEXUS platform being part of the revolution (

NEXUS is a data platform made up of a collection of health information compiled and analyzed by artificial intelligence. It’s one of the most comprehensive datasets imaginable, integrated in a way that (according to Biolytica, who admittedly may be biased) hasn’t been done before. That includes all the biomarkers: epigenetic, microbiome and blood – everything that’s monitored by your wearable devices, plus all the other information available about your lifestyle.

Developers first started floating the idea for NEXUS in 2016, but it wasn’t until 2021 that the Swiss startup Biolytica emerged in incorporated form. Early 2023 saw the initial launch of the platform for some healthcare institutions. The plan is that NEXUS can be used by professionals at longevity centers, wellness clinics and institutions for preventative medicine as well as insurance companies and anyone else who needs to navigate a scientific path through one person’s individual healthcare experience.

When we say scientific, we really mean it. Biolytica’s team of experts comes from all around the world. Their areas of expertise include analytics, bioinformatics, health data, AI and software development. That’s 40 people in total, with another 10 medical and scientific advisors there to offer support.

To date, Biolytica has already managed to rack up a six-figure turnover. It will probably be over seven figures by the time 2023 finishes. Now there’s new funding from the Maximon Longevity Co-Investment Fund to the tune of $5.8 million. That should allow for the continued expansion of all aspects of the business: more research, more development, collaboration with more experts and offering services to more clients.

It’s not just NEXUS itself but the other programs it can help support. AIME is a system of science and research-based, individualized guidance offered directly to consumers rather than B2B format. Again, the intention is to improve health and longevity, which are concerns for more and more people in the modern world.

Many companies make bold claims about their longevity products, but they don’t all have the scientific backing of Biolytica’s NEXUS.

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