Be on Guard, Folks, There’s Fake CBD Out There

Hey, we’ve all experienced pain and one of the many conditions that causes discomfort, and we all know how bad some pain medications can be for our bodies and even our minds. Enter CBD, a more natural pain relief alternative that unfortunately is still in a battle with Big Pharma and other industries that profit when we use less natural pain solutions.

The medical community and many patients have rightfully embraced CBD, since it offers many of the benefits of cannabis without the high or addiction potential. However, since CBD still is under investigation by the US Food and Drug Administration, the agency doesn’t recognize it as safe and currently doesn’t approve any products with CBD in it, which is where my warning is stemming from.

As reported by the Organic and Natural Health Association, there are a lot of fake or mislabeled CBD products out there ( Amazon, for example, which currently accounts for about 40 percent of the entire e-commerce market in the US, has had counterfeit supplements on their marketplace more than once, with CBD being among them. Amazon prohibits the sale of CDB products right now, but it does sell ad space for vendors who are selling it and carries many products with “CBD” as an associated search term.

Testing done on the bestselling hemp oil on Amazon found that it contained CBD, although CBD was not on the label as an ingredient. Other products that were labeled as being CBD did not even have CBD in them. Essentially, Amazon is deceiving customers two ways by not selling CBD but allowing companies who are to advertise there. Currently, no reputable company is selling CBD on Amazon as it it not allowed there, so it’s wise to avoid buying CBD products from the site.

When you are trying to find a high-quality CBD or hemp oil, there are some things you can look for on the label, including that it’s non-GMO, organic, kosher-certified, verified to be free of pesticides and herbicides, and grown from certified seeds instead of marijuana hybrids. Keep in mind that a responsible company will not emphasize CBD as much as they will stress hemp oil and full-spectrum phytocannabinoids.

In general, many dietary supplements are not regulated in the US, so it’s always a case of buyer beware. Always research your sources, and never take anything if you can’t confirm all of its ingredients first.