Avea only launched in 2021, but a close partnership with Maximon and a successful round of seed funding has pulled in around $5 million to support the development of various types of supplement, all of which aim to improve health and longevity in many ways (https://longevity.technology/news/avea-secures-5-million-in-new-seed-funding/).

Based in Switzerland, Avea has already launched six products that are currently making waves in Europe. Maximon is an expert in building longevity companies and is Avea’s primary investor. In fact, Avea was its very first venture, with the first round of funding released in 2020. With other investors joining in, it seems Avea could soon broaden its portfolio further.

That portfolio currently includes Avea’s Collagen Activator, currently awaiting its patent approval. It was developed with the help of the Edgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH), a Zurich-based institute, so it does have scientific backing. The collagen activator is designed to improve collagen synthesis, and collagen is exceptionally important for things like tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Other supplements in the Avea repertoire include the increasingly popular nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), which is currently being researched for its potential to improve metabolism and energy production, repair DNA and protect the brain and heart. Avea also offers ways to boost your antioxidants, used to counter the potentially damaging impact of excess free radicals.

Not every product developed by Avea is a supplement. It has also stepped into the world of DNA and epigenetic testing, which as well as telling you about your current health and potential risk factors for the future, may help make recommendations about which supplements could be helpful for your specific biology.

With such an impressive round of funding, Avea will not just be able to continue to develop new products, but also expand the reach of its current portfolio. For example, it is looking at expanding beyond Europe and into Asia. The funding will be used to ramp up production, strengthen its distribution networks and launch new marketing initiatives, as well as allowing for its first human trials.

There are no guarantees when developing new products that they will be effective, or that you’ll be able to get them into the hands of consumers, but having access to significant funding certainly enables you to sidestep a major potential hurdle. With such a positive reaction to Avea’s existing supplements, it’s exciting to imagine what it might do next.

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