A Mediterranean Approach

We’ve all heard about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Well, it seems that Mediterranean companies are also capable of producing some impressive longevity apps. Case in point, Rosita Longevity, which is about to follow up its successful Spanish beta test with a US launch (https://longevity.technology/news/rosita-longevity-over-60s-health-app-launches-in-us/).

This particular app isn’t just for monitoring your health. It’s a coach seeking to teach and educate so you can manage for yourself. It wants you to recognize the changes in your own body and adjust accordingly. It’s based on decades of research and encourages a combination of supplements, medication, treatments and lifestyle interventions as ways to slow aging, which it treats like a disease.

There are lots of conditions associated with aging: high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, metabolic syndrome with diabetes, heart disease and various musculoskeletal issues to name just a few. All contribute to the general degeneration of our health. By the time they start to show symptoms, it’s a lot harder to undo the effects. That’s why many other apps concentrate on prevention in the young. Rosita Longevity also helps the middle-aged.

Rosita recognizes these conditions are often comorbid with aging and aims to develop a comprehensive plan to tackle all of them at once. This allows for more consistency in your approach, which improves general efficacy. Prevention and early intervention don’t just improve longevity; they improve quality of life. This may help counter the unfortunate fact that while the average person may hope to live to their 80s, they’re likely to see their health significantly decline starting in their 60s.

What Rosita’s app does well is that it doesn’t just tell you what you need to do – it makes you want to do it. It’s fun, which isn’t a word often associated with health interventions. Instead of patronizing you or giving you onerous tasks, it works with you to find habits you’ll enjoy, encouraging you to participate in meaningful ways while providing all the support you need.

Most apps that start out in Europe don’t hit America until they’re a little more established than Rosita Longevity, but the company is feeling ambitious. The lack of long-term and comprehensive support for aging and its associated diseases in the US causes a lot of suffering and expense that might be partially alleviated with the help of this sort of app.

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