5 Tricks for Avoiding Those Holiday Pounds

Like everyone else, one thing I love about the holidays is the food! Cookies, cakes, big dinners–it’s just one feast after another!

What I don’t love is the weight gain and all the associated problems that come with that. According to Health.com, men add two pounds over the holiday season and women add about a pound (https://www.health.com/nutrition/5-myths-and-facts-about-holiday-weight-gain). While that doesn’t sound like much, most people don’t lose this weight, and it adds up over time.

Before you hit all of your holiday events, here are five ways you can avoid those holiday overeating binges.

Bring a totem

Carrying a simple item with you can remind you that you need to stay healthy for a reason. It could be a photo of yourself at your target weight, a picture of your kids or a loved one, or anything else that reminds you why you shouldn’t overindulge.

Keep your values in mind

Reminding yourself of your personal values can help keep you on track when you are faced with temptation. Before you enter that next dinner, take a minute to ask yourself who you want to be.

Show some forgiveness

Overeating can be emotional, especially during the holidays. So, even if you’re dealing with people you’d rather not deal with right now or those who simply bring stress into your life, get yourself into a forgiving mindset.

Commit to healthy eating at the day’s start

Have healthy breakfasts during the holiday season so you can kick off your holiday meals with a good foundation. Think healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and lean proteins. This will also help you avoid the temptation of fast food places when you’re busy and out and about.

Show yourself kindness

Don’t forget about yourself this holiday season. With all the events, shopping and other things that pop up around the holidays and crowd your calendar, it can be easy to forego self care. However, this will make you more likely to overeat.

Take some time to yourself, even if that means missing an event or two. Relax, unwind and de-stress so you’re not falling into an emotional eating trap at your next gathering.

The holidays bring joy, but they can also bring the pounds! Keep the tips above in mind to help you stay at your pre-holiday weight even after all the fun has ended.