4 Super Simple Tips for Keeping Those Lost Pounds “Lost”

Getting some extra pounds off is an awesome accomplishment, folks! You feel better, you look better and the compliments just keep rolling in! Now, you’ve just got to make sure those pounds stay lost. A lot of people lose weight only to find it suddenly reappear, and that can be very frustrating. No one likes to see their work come completely undone.

If you’ve managed to shed some pounds recently but are worried about them coming back and undoing all of your hard work, keep these simple tips in mind.

Eat some more plants

Foods with a low calorie density like veggies and fruits tend to be high in water, fiber and bulk. This makes you feel full without using a lot of your daily calorie target. That’s why you can’t normally eat an entire head of lettuce or a bunch of apples at one time. The more of these foods you have as part of your daily diet, the less likely you are to binge on higher-calorie treats.

Cook at home more often

We tend to eat more and consume more “bad” foods when we eat out. It’s not surprising–all that temptation is right there, plus unhealthy food tends to be faster and cheaper than the healthier options. Plan and prepare meals at home to avoid these very temptations to indulge in high-calorie foods when you’re out or in a rush.

Increase your protein

Your body needs protein for its vital functions, and you also need to be healthy. Protein is found in lean meats and tofu and also in plant sources such as beans, nuts and seeds. A lack of protein can lead to weight gain because you don’t feel full, and it is even linked to muscle loss.

Watch your liquid calories

Liquid calories can sneak right up on you. These are found in drinks that have no nutrition, such as fancy coffee drinks with sugar, some sugar-laden fruit juices, alcohol and soda. Focus on keeping the sugar out of your coffee and opt for lower-sugar beverages when you decide to drink. Pass on the soda for water. If you’re not a fan of plain water, use fruits to help give it flavor. There are even special pitchers available meant for flavoring water with natural fruits that you can have at the ready in your fridge so you’re not tempted by ready-made sugary drinks.

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