And Not Vitamins

You may have noticed, in all our previous talk of vitamins, that it seems the people who named them weren’t great at the alphabet. Or counting. You go from vitamin A to vitamin E, then jump all the way to K. There are eight B vitamins, but somehow the numbering system misses 4, 8, 10 …

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Standing In The Sun

We get most of the vitamins we need from our diet. They’re one of the reasons that eating lots of fruit and vegetables is so important. The big exception is vitamin D. Our primary source of vitamin D is sunlight. So how exactly does that work? Vitamin D affects how our body absorbs minerals like …

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An Organic Boost

We often talk about organic food in terms of what it doesn’t contain. It’s free of pesticides and other chemicals that we don’t necessarily want in our bodies. It doesn’t damage the environment like large-scale industrial farming. It treats animals better. But what exactly does it add to our diet? If the early research is …

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When it comes to vitamins, at first it seems simple to keep track. After all, they’re alphabetical. You start at A and work all the way up to K. Admittedly, you’re not going to spend a lot of time on F, G, H and I. Still, that makes it easy to know if you’re eating …

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