Sports Performance


You get to the field, raring to go, and suddenly the heavens open and you’re drenched in rain. Surely that’s going to affect your performance, right? Most people would say that the ideal conditions for many sports are not too hot and not too cold, with a sky that’s clear but a sun that’s not …

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Body Type

If you were to stand Muhammad Ali and Simone Biles next to each other, you’d think they had nothing in common. The first was a heavyweight boxer standing at 6’3″. The second is a gymnast of just 4’8″. Yet both changed the face of their respective sports. When it comes to sports performance, there are …

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Why? That’s the question I often ask myself in the middle of a particularly hard workout. Why am I doing this? When your body feels like nothing but sweat and pain, it can be hard to remember that there’s a point to it all. One of the biggest challenges when it comes to exercise isn’t …

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Build It Up

One of the basic principles of any kind of performance is that you want to get better. Each day is supposed to be an improvement on the last one. That’s true whether you’re a raw beginner or the top competitor in the world. We all know that being the best needs practice. You probably know …

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