Knock Down Your Resting Heart Rate

I bet you know exactly what your heart rate goes up to at the gym, but do you know what’s like when you’re just sitting there watching Netflix?

It may not seem super important, but your resting heart rate can say a lot about your health and fitness level. A lower heart rate usually means a higher level of fitness, and that’s associated with reduced heart trouble risk. But if your heart rate at rest is higher, it can signal an increased risk of heart problems. That’s why, my friends, it’s time to learn how to get yours down!

A heart rate of 60 to 100 beats per minutes while at rest is considered normal, but research has indicated that a rate between 60 to 80 is ideal. A ten-year study published in the The Journal of the American Medical Association ( found that people who had a resting heart rate of 70 beats per minute or less had a lower death risk than those with rates of 70 to 85 beats per minute.

To get your resting heart rate, check in the morning; changes in body position, hydration, and activity levels all affect the measurement. Keep in mind that your age, medications, level of exercise and genetics can also impact your resting heart rate. Once you know what yours is, you can check it several times in a week to see what the trends are, and you can start working on lowering it using the tips below.

Hit the gym

Both strength training and aerobics can help lower your resting heart rate by improving your heart health. If you’ve not yet committed to any sort of regular exercise routine, now’s the time to start!

Reduce anxiety and stress

Of course, this is easier said than done, but anxiety and stress are unnecessary strains on your health. Try walking, reading more–whatever it is that can help you decompress each day. Yoga, meditation and some other activities have also been linked to reduced anxiety and stress.

Get some sleep

Getting the right amount of good, restful sleep improves your heart rate, your health and your performance in general. While recommendations vary, most experts agree that between seven and eight hours of sleep each night is what adults need.

Your resting heart rate is an indication of your heart’s health and performance. Knock that number down to get the most out of your body.

How To Create Amazing Energy

Performance - How To Create Amazing Energy

To many, energy is life. When we have lowered energy levels life just becomes a little more difficult. Time with our families, kids, work responsibilities, and relationships tend to be the catalyst in us feeling lowered energy levels. So what can we do? It is just our “age?” Not so fast. There are many factors that can drain our energy levels. If you remove these barriers, many times you can jumpstart your energy to an entirely new level. Let’s look at what we can do.  

1.Avoid The Drama 
Nothing will pull your energy levels down more than drama in your life. Negative friends, colleagues, and many times family will be the ones that pull you down. Do you best to eliminate the drama. If its not family, then cut it off, it’s just not worth it. If it’s family, then make the time extremely limited. Your energy will skyrocket after that. 

2.Avoid the Whites 
Ok easy, that’s not a political statement. Yes I’m talking about the white processed foods. White flour, white sugar, and any processed food which has the strong ability to steal your energy. Focus on eating whole foods. If there is a long list of ingredients, it’s probably processed too much.

3.Avoid Sitting Too Much 
We have to move. We are designed to move. Exercise may be difficult to get into the habit of, but the lack of exercise is robbing you of valuable energy levels. Set a goal to move at least 15 minutes 6 days per week of continuous exercise for empowering your health

4.Avoid Sleeping Too Little 
We must get great rest. It is vital for so many functions inside the body. Set a goal to get into a deep stage of sleep and maintain a great sleep schedule for 6-8 hours per night. You might just find that you don’t need the morning coffee when you wake up. 

5.Avoid Being Dehydrated 
We are made of 70% water. Remember that by the time you are thirsty, you have already been dehydrated for close to an hour. We must drink water continually. Yes you will pee a lot. It’s ok. What about the alternative? Aim for half your bodyweight in ounces of water each day and watch your energy levels shoot to the sky.

The Top Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Success

Performance - The Top Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Success

When it comes to really living the life that you dream about, it really begins with your health. For many years health was always a secondary consideration. We work hard, take care of our families, and then food became the primary source of entertainment for so many. Obesity has been on the rise and now nearly forty percent of our country is obese, and nearly 70% is overweight! So what do we do? There is a crisis, but is it a genetic crisis? Or is it a crisis of discipline? Or is it a crisis at all. I believe it is a combination…however, I can tell you that after years of study and practice, so much of the quality of our health is in our hands. Let me show you what I mean our lifestyle is the most powerful weapon that we have to use every day for gaining better health. The choices that we make every day can and will determine the kind of health we are going to have. It’s really that simple. Trust me, 16 years of college, 3 doctorates, 2 board –certifications, and almost twenty years of practice later, that’s the bottom line. So what exactly does it take to be healthy? What does it really take to live well? It takes the “want to”. That is why most people don’t get serious about their health until they get diagnosed with something serious like cancer or a heart attack. So my challenge to you is get serious now. Don’t wait for something to happen. You go make it happen. 

Don’t be Average 

Be Savage 

Your health and quality of lifestyle depends on it. 

1.Eat Anti-Inflammatory Based Foods
Eating a plant-based diet with essential fatty acids and lean quality proteins will make one of the greatest impacts on your health. Keep it balanced and don’t get extreme in high protein or real low carb. Anti-Inflammatory Foods are the better choices. 

2.Get Quality Air 
I get asked often. Lung cancer is the number 1 killer in cancers, yet no one is talking about it. Depending where you live, air quality may be good or not so good. Regardless, anything is better than indoor air all day long. Make sure to set aside 30 minutes per day to get outside and just breathe. 

3.Drink More Water 
Our bodies are made of 70% water. Yet we are so dehydrated its not even funny. Make sure to follow the golden rule of health with half your bodyweight in ounces each day. 

4.Get Moving With More Exercise 
We sit too much. Don’t we? Driving, working, flying, riding, sleeping, watching TV, the list goes on. We have to move. Get 20-30 minutes per day of exercise regardless of what it is for empowering your health.

5.Control The Stress 
The old adage that either you control the day, or the day will control you is so true. When it comes to stress, many times we can’t avoid it. However, we can find new ways to help manage it. Learn how to have breaks and learn what keeps you from being overly stressed. Just make sure stress relief is not alcohol, smoking, junk food, and other destructive behavior. 

6.Get Quality Sleep 
It’s true. You must get great quality sleep. No matter who tells you it doesn’t matter, is not telling you the truth. Studies prove it, and we know it in the medical literature. I have found that for most people 6-8 hours seems to be the sweet spot. This means good quality sleep and not just laying in bed.

The Power of Why

Performance - The Power of Why

Ultimately when I talk with people, I consistently hear how they want to be at the top level possible for their lives. It doesn’t matter what that might be, a great parent, better at work, a better athlete. Whatever that might be, we all want to be at our best. I have come to learn that our bodies breaking down are a direct result of our mind breaking down first. The way we think directly determines the way that we live. It all begins with knowing why we are here. It begins with knowing who we are. And it begins with the power of knowing your “why”. Many of the disease and health challenges that we face today are diet and lifestyle related. That lifestyle component is the essential to making the largest impact. It’s about our choices. The way we think and the actions that we take each day will determine our health and vitality. When you know yourself and you know your why, then life changes for you. You have to believe that you are designed for more. Every one of us has amazing gifts, talents, and abilities that can impact our families and this generation. However, to make this happen, we must know our why. Here are the basics to figure out your why. 

1.What Are You Great At
Look back at your life. What have you been really great at doing? What were you knowingly not that great at doing? Your Why will always be found in your strengths. 

2. What Gives You Energy
When you do certain activities or jobs have you ever noticed that it didn’t feel like work? And other jobs felt like you were about to fall over from exhaustion? Find what gives you energy and make it happen. 

3.What Do Others Notice
Have you ever listened to those around you? What are they telling you that they notice that you are great at. Pay attention to what even strangers say. Many times they will tell you what you are best at from a very different perspective. 

4.What Makes You Snap Out Of Bed
Do you lay around to hit the snooze button, or are you ready to leap out of bed and take on the day. If you are in your Why, then you can’t wait to get up and get after it. If you are struggling to get up and go, it might be time to reconsider your current path. 

5.What Fulfills You
Listen, yes we all have to earn money at what we do. However, there is a direct correlation to our health and our happiness. Happiness is usually found at its highest level in our fulfillment. Our health will be at its highest level when we are in a place where we can contribute.