There’s a whole age of human history named after iron. That’s how important it was for humans to learn how to work it. From farming to weapons and transportation, it’s helped shape our species. It’s about much more than iron tools, however. Iron is an essential dietary mineral. That means the human body can’t function …

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Too Much

We’ve talked about how important it is to get enough of certain minerals, but things can go the other way. You can also experience problems when your mineral levels are too high. For example, you need calcium for healthy teeth and bones. However, too much of it causes what’s known as hypercalcemia. This doesn’t usually …

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There’s a long list of minerals that the body needs if it wants to function properly, but calcium will nearly always be high on that list. It’s also one of the most famous. Is there any child who hasn’t been told to drink their milk because it will help them grow strong and healthy bones? …

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Another dietary essential

Hi folks! You’re probably used to hearing “vitamins and minerals” as though they’re one united thing. Now, it’s true that vitamins and minerals are both what are known as “essential micronutrients” that the body can’t live without, but they still have different roles. I’ve talked about vitamins before, and now it’s time to zoom in …

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