Mental Health

Personality Disorders

When it comes to mental illnesses that have a bad reputation, few are more stigmatized than personality disorders. Depression and anxiety are becoming more widely acknowledged, but personality disorders are tricky things that can be difficult to understand. Part of this is because personality disorders aren’t about measurable experience, like schizophrenic hallucinations or bipolar mood …

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The word neurodiversity has become a lot more common in recent years, but not everyone knows what it means. Some people still associate it with mental illness, even though its whole purpose is to move away from such pathological definitions. It’s about how different people’s brains naturally work in different ways, and that’s okay. One …

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Mobility Aids

We creak a bit sometimes, especially as we grow older. Bones and muscles become stiff, and it can be easier just to stay at home rather than making a sometimes painful effort to go out. But that’s the wrong attitude. It leads to isolation, which can be the worst thing for your mental health. Luckily, …

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Psychosis. Even today, when people have become a lot more open-minded and understanding of mental illness, it’s a word that some hear with dread. It’s full of stereotypes and misunderstandings that can stop sufferers from receiving support. It is not uncommon to hear terms like “psychosis” or “psychotic” thrown around as generic synonyms for dangerously …

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4 Ways to Manage Your Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can take a real toll on your mental health and your quality of life. Folks, they can even impact your physical health! According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can cause headaches, chest pain, muscle pain and more symptoms ( Anxiety can cause stomach troubles, fatigue, a rapid heart rate and more ( …

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