10 Commandments Of Hormones

1. Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. They help us grow or respond to changing circumstances. They impact our mood. There’s pretty much nothing, physical, mental or emotional that isn’t affected by hormones, so don’t underestimate their importance. 2. Most hormonal problems can, broadly speaking, be divided into two categories. Your body is producing a …

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Hormone Therapy

Hormones are tricky things. They serve a lot of important functions when they’re working properly. Unfortunately, they’re not always right. If they’re too high or too low, it can be a source of irritation to say the least (sometimes literally, if it causes mood swings). The worst cases, like diabetes, can even be life-threatening. That’s …

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The Messengers

Your body is constantly reacting to changes both inside and out. You need to know when to move and when to stop. You need to grow and to heal. Your heart and lungs will work harder or slow down depending on what’s going on around you. Your mood will adjust to circumstances. Each cell has …

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An Anxious Time

Anxiety doesn’t always seem rational. Sometimes, when I’m very worried, I have to remind myself that it’s probably not that bad. Sure, there are situations where it’s natural to feel edgy, but when fear is excessive and constant, what’s all that about? Well, sometimes it turns out there is a scientific explanation – it’s just …

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The Endocrine System

Hormones don’t just float around willy-nilly. They’re part of a complex system that touches on every part of your body. From the glands that produce them to their journeys through the bloodstream and onto the organs and the messages sent back to the glands so the circle can loop around again, it’s a complicated set …

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