Why Your Woman Is So HOT!

Hormone Health - Why Your Woman Is So HOT!

When it comes to hormones we tend to think about women saying they are HOT! The hot flashes, night sweats, and temperament fluctuations tends to be during the late forties and early fifties of a woman’s life. However, hormones fluctuations can occur at any age. And many times it doesn’t have to do with that time of life. There are several factors on what may be causing the hot flashes and discomfort with perceived hormonal issues. One piece that we have to look at is that our daily lifestyle choices can make the biggest difference in how our hormones are working. Environmental toxins and life stressors can play a large impact in how our bodies are working. Many times what is seen as hot flashes may just be other aspects of the body that might be breaking down. Here are some reasons other than menopause that you might be dealing with hot flashes.

1.Excess Weight 
Excessive weight has been shown to mimic hot flashes at any age! So coming up with a games plan to drop the weight is a great idea. Even 5 lbs will make a difference. 

2.Food Allergies 
Many times allergies to certain foods can be the root cause of why the hot flashes may be at work. Look at temporarily eliminating the top allergenic foods such as wheat products and dairy for about 8 weeks. See how your body responds. 

There are certain medications that can cause hot flashes and similar symptoms. Make sure to ask your doctor about this for empowering your health

4.Uncontrolled Diabetes 
Millions never realize that they have diabetes and blood sugar instabilities until the health challenge has progressed. Hot flashes and night sweats are classic signs that you may be dealing with an underlying blood sugar condition

5.Thyroid Issues 
This is a big one and we are seeing it grow by the year. The thyroid is responsible for our overall mood, energy output, and metabolism. When it begins to go haywire, then life can be challenging. Hot flashes and night sweats are signs that the thyroid may not be working at its peak level. Make sure to ask your physician to get lab work done and get the proper assessment.

How Do I Raise My Testosterone Naturally?

Hormone Health - How Do I Raise My Testosterone Naturally?

Christopher From Texas Writes: 

I am 52 and am struggling with low energy levels, being with my wife intimately, and I am experiencing mood swings. My doctor says I have Low T and wants me to take some hormone replacement. Are there any other options? 

Dear Christopher, 

Currently 5 million men in America over the age of 40 are experiencing symptoms similar to Menopause called Andropause. We also call it “Low T”. Our hormone levels are ever changing as men and we see a significant decline after the age of 40. As a matter of fact, by the time we are 80, our testosterone is one fifth of what it was in our twenties! So you are dealing with a condition that is typically normal for men. However, we are seeing a greater decline in Low T earlier in life with men now due to higher stress levels, sedentary lifestyles, environmental toxins, and poor dietary choices. The good news is that there are natural ways to bring your levels back to a normal range, despite of your age. The essential key for raising testosterone is found in our daily lifestyle choices. If we will modify our daily choices, we can increase our effectiveness in optimizing testosterone and our other supportive hormones. Here are some of the top keys toward empowering your health and keep our hormone in balance. 

1.Eat More Fat 
Our body makes testosterone from cholesterol, which comes from eating healthy fats. Make a goal to eat your bodyweight x .55 each day in healthy grams of fat to optimize your testosterone levels from your diet. ( ex. 185 lb male needs 102g fat per day.) 

2.Do Resistance Exercise 
I prefer weight training. Science has proven that just three 30-minute sessions of weight training per week can raise healthy testosterone levels. Either do a bodyweight training session or get in the gym and go for it. Make sure to use a trainer to learn proper form for safety and maximum results.

3.Get More Sleep 
A recent study stated that men who got 5 hours or less sleep had a 15% drop in testosterone levels. Make a goal to sleep between 7-9 hours per night. 

4.Consider Zinc 
Zinc is the power mineral for testosterone. We burn through our zinc levels with our daily stressors in life. You can get plenty of zinc in meats, nuts, seeds, and fish. Make a goal to increase these foods or consider a supplement. 

5.Reduce The Stress 
When we are highly stressed it lowers a powerful neurochemical called Dopamine. When Dopamine is lowered, testosterone is lowered. Make a goal to get the stress managed in your life. Spend time in prayer, meditation, or whatever you choose. Look into yoga for renewed health benefits and relaxation. 

6. Consider Herbal Supplements 
Male Balance and Hgh Ignite are powerful supplements that can help raise your testosterone levels naturally.