The Okinawan Way

You may have heard that people in Japan have the best life expectancies in the world. Not only do they live longer than everyone else, but they tend to stay in good health, even in old age. This means that even their centenarians have pretty impressive mobility and flexibility. If you want to emulate them, …

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Bend and Stretch

When it comes to exercise, many people pay more attention to building muscle than improving flexibility. The glamour comes from strength, speed and endurance more than it does being able to bend, unless you’re a gymnast or a yoga practitioner. It would be a mistake, however, to dismiss this important area of fitness. You get …

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Bend, Don’t Break

When people talk about exercise, they often mean high-impact cardio workouts or gym sessions that focus on lifting bigger and bigger weights. Strength, speed and endurance may get more attention than flexibility, but without flexibility, you won’t have any of those other things. Flexibility is about the range of motion in your joints and your …

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