Losing Weight Made Easy

Fitness - Losing Weight Made Easy

Is losing weight really easy? You bet it is. I know you are thinking how is that possible with so many weight loss plans and programs claiming to help you lose the weight. The truth is that most all of them work. There are some basic principles that you need to understand to help the […]

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How To Melt The Stubborn Body Fat

Fitness - How To Melt The Stubborn Body Fat

Have you ever wondered why the fat just won’t come off the midsection? Or maybe it’s the triceps, or the hips and thighs? Wherever the stubborn area is for you, all you know is that it is frustrating. Right? Is it genetics? Are you destined to have these trouble areas? There is a science to […]

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Does Cardio Exercise Make You Younger?

Fitness - Does Cardio Exercise Make You Younger?

Cardiovascular exercise, including running, is used by many to achieve great health and fitness. The great news about running is that researchers have found that it may turn back the clock and make us younger. Running increases our production of human growth hormone which helps us produce new youthful cells and can make us appear younger. Running […]

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Getting Lean in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Fitness - Getting Lean in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Ever get tired of those long workouts? Does walking on the treadmill seem like it is never going to end, day in and day out? It’s always about working smarter with anything in life. We hear about doing shorter duration workouts and how they can be as impactful as the longer ones. The studies are out now about the […]

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