5 Easy Aerobic Tips

Aerobic exercise, my friends, is pretty awesome. Also known as cardio, this type of exercise has a ton of benefits, including better heart health, lower blood pressure, more control over…

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Yes, Walking is Worth It

These days, we see a lot of complicated exercises and gyms packed full of equipment. While there's nothing wrong with any of that, of course, sometimes I just like to…

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Living the NEAT Life

When I say "exercise," I bet your first image is a gym with people in bright clothes running around all over the place. All these people seem impossibly in shape,…

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Walking Off The Pain, Literally

Hey, readers! You've heard "walking it off" before when it comes to pain, right? But not always in the greatest context--after all, ignoring pain and hoping it will go away…

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Move Over, 10,000 Steps!

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I bet you've heard that 10,000 steps is the magic number for good health, the future and that winning lottery ticket... it's been advertised everywhere so much that I started…

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Losing Weight Made Easy

Is losing weight really easy? You bet it is. I know you are thinking how is that possible with so many weight loss plans and programs claiming to help you…

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