Injury And Healing

We all know that exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but what happens if you’re injured and can’t perform the kind of movement that forms part of a fitness routine? What if the actual act of exercising is what causes you an injury in the first place? Generally, the benefits of sport …

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Path To A Long Life

You’re probably sick of hearing me say it, but exercise (along with diet) is one of the two most fundamental things you need to stay healthy. Whatever other radical steps you might try to take or shortcuts you try to find, eventually it always comes back to those two things. It might be frustrating, but …

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All Together Now

We all know we need to exercise. We also know that establishing a regular exercise routine can be incredibly difficult. You need to find time and motivation, and you need to make sure you’re physically and mentally ready for the challenge. One way to make it easier is to team up with other people. On …

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Take Up The Challenge

We all know we need to exercise. There’s no piece of health advice that doesn’t come with some variation of “but there’s no substitute for eating well and exercising regularly.” That doesn’t make it easy, especially when there’s an infinite number of ways to do it and there’s not always a clear explanation of which …

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