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One of the tricky things about mental illnesses is that they rarely exist on their own. Not only are they a complicated combination of different causes and symptoms, having one mental illness doesn’t exclude you from having others at the same time. That can make both diagnosis and treatment a lot more difficult. Diseases that …

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Mood And Mobility

Depression is a complicated condition. It seems it can spring up anywhere, at any time, and not always with an obvious cause. As with many mental illnesses, there appears to be a mix of biological and environmental factors that can influence its development. One of these factors is physical mobility. There seems to be a …

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Down But Not Out

When you’re feeling low, people might tell you to go and take a stroll in the fresh air or try some yoga. That’s all very well if you are just having one of those temporary dark moods that everyone has sometimes, but if you’re experiencing clinical depression, even those small steps to alleviate it may …

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The Dreaded Black Dog

People have been experiencing dark moods for as long as humanity has existed. Sometimes they’re for understandable reasons, like the loss of a loved one or because of ongoing life problems. Sometimes they seem to appear from nowhere. It’s only more recently that we’ve really started to understand depression as an illness. There are a …

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6 Common Depression Myths

Depression is a very real mental health condition that affects around 40 million US adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( If you’re dealing with depression or have a loved one who is, you are certainly not alone by any means, my friends. Unfortunately, folks, I have to say there are …

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