Beauty and Skin

The Sun

Why do people go on vacation? Do they want a break from their everyday lives? Do they want to explore a new and exciting culture? Or do they just want to get away from the rain to find somewhere where they can rest in the sun? For some people, sunbathing is the most relaxing way …

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Nourish Your Skin

You might have noticed that there are supplements for everything these days: to build muscle, reduce fat, boost your immune system, fight the common cold, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Some work and some don’t, but there’s no denying their popularity. That includes the ones targeted at your skin. There are some people …

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The Ongoing Quest

There’s no understating the importance of your skin, which protects and holds together all the other parts of the body. That means you need to take care of it. More than that, in the modern world, there’s also a pressure to make sure it looks nice. That’s where it gets a bit more challenging. I’m …

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